Banality Based Banality



Ermahgerd! Take this class because YOLO!!! DIS AR TEH BANAL CLAS BOUT TEH BANAL PROPAGASHUN OV BANALITY.NOSTALGIA IZ (TUNA FISH ON WITE BREAD). Snooki had a baby? Tell me again how this affects you personally. JOY IZ (A DIMINISHIN RETURN). Gotta get down on Friday. Oh, so you use Instagram? You must be a professional photographer! WEAKNES IZ (TEH FRACTURD CONCRETE IN DA DRIVEWAY). Oh, you just graduated? You must know everything. LUV IZ (ANTI-ITCH CREAM). I’m sorry, I can’t hear you over how awesome I am. CAN I HAZ BANALITY (gangnam style)? Y U NO ENRUL?



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